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The pictures below show system setups and operation for various events

The pictures to the left show a bike generator system developed to power a  cinema projector and sound system. The event was on 11th April 2008 At the Dukes theatre in Lancaster. The system was developed after discussions with Celebrate cycling in Lancaster. The goal was to power a film using pedal power.

Three bikes were connected to a charge share system, batteries and pure sine mains inverter. The projector and sound system required about 275-300 Watts of power to run correctly.

The event went well, with the film being powered for about 45 minutes solely from the cyclists efforts.


This event was held on Morecambe prom on the 11th May 2008. The event was organized by celebrate cycling. I reconfigured the projector system shown above to power a radio and lamps directly from cycle power. I also added a laptop and instrumentation to provide visual feedback   for the cyclist. The system worked well considering it was never really designed to operate in this mode. One main problem was the sun (unusual for Morecambe) hence the cardboard box over the laptop to shade the screen. An example of what the cyclist was provided with for visual feedback is shown below.

Links to celebrate cycling and other things are provided on the links page.

The link below shows the system powering three 50 W bulbs directly.

Cycle Generator demo.


















Film festival.

More pictures and Events

Bike generator version 2: with bikeBike generator version 2: close-upBike generator version 1: close-upBike generator version 2: close up

Party at the prom event

Bike generator version 1: close-up