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The pictures below show system setups and operation for various events

The picture above shows a bike generator system set-up that was carried out for a local primary schools environment  week

The system allowed the pupils to pedal a bike into a light unit load. Software and hardware was used to display the equivalent power output on a smart board. 

The screen display showed that average power whilst the cyclist was pedaling and also displayed representative pictures of various electrical appliances that had the same equivalent power requirements. The first three items that were displayed were energy saving light bulbs, normal light bulbs and  halogen lamps. Hence “How much energy does it take to change a light bulb”.

A screen shot of the display is shown below

Local school demo

How much energy does it take to change a light bulb

Event Carried out at the Museum of Science and Industry

In Manchester. 2nd—3rd April 2010

The same setup as shown above was presented at an energy demo at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester (MOSI) on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2010.  The event was a success with a number of people trying out the unit on both days. I hope that the unit provided a good qualitative feel for how much energy is required for typical household appliances. Thanks to MOSI for considering me for the event.

Some pictures from the setup at the event are shown below